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Another Weekend Wrap-Up. July 26, 2010

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Or maybe, Weekend Round-Up since I’m still not fully emerged from my Dude Ranch experience.  I don’t have anything particularly thought-provoking or purging to write today, but wanted to catch cyberspace up on the events of the past few days….

Thursday night I went to the Lady Gaga concert.  (Add another show to my #18 perk.)  I was in one of the suites, which meant I was able to view the freak show from the perfect vantage point without having to actually participate in it.  I’m not a particularly big Gaga fan (in fact, I find her fairly annoying, truth be told), but the show was pretty impressive.  She has talent and is an absolute master of image and persona, selling out an enormous venue two nights in a row during a summer where very few concert tours are making any money.  And she’s only 24 years old.  Go, her.

Friday night I went to another concert—country this time, seeing Charlie Robison at a fun outdoor venue near my house.  I went with several girlfriends and I had a blast dancing with strangers and shamelessly (and harmlessly) flirting with wanna-be cowboys.  It was fun, and I felt 23 instead of 38.  Being that young isn’t a place I want to live again, but it’s sure nice to visit there every once in awhile.

I spent Saturday at a pool party with my high school girlfriends, getting sun and laughing and refilling that place inside of me that only the company of good girlfriends can provide these days.  I love these women—they are kind and supportive, they worry about and are proud of me, and they make me laugh.

After a quick shower, a fancy dinner date Saturday night at Dean Fearing’s at the Ritz.  The occasion?  Just because … which is my very favorite reason to celebrate anything.

Sunday was a movie date to see “Inception” … I’m still processing that one.

This morning I ran.  I haven’t run in a couple of months because of the incessant heat, and due to vacations and a messed up ankle I haven’t done any exercising at all for a couple of weeks.  All of which means I’m back to square 1 (or maybe square 2) with my running.  I only ran 3.5 miles, and that was plenty tough enough.  Still, I’m trying to focus on and praise myself for the effort rather than the end result.  They tell us to do that with our kids these days, and I think it makes good sense.  If I worry about how I ran many many miles less than I was running this winter and spring, I’ll get discouraged and be unlikely to try it again.  If instead, I focus on my success of making the effort after a lull, of just pushing myself to do the best I could do today, of being glad I ran 3.5 miles instead of none at all, then I’m teed up to try again next time.

All in all, a good few days and I feel prepped and ready to take on the week.  Plus, my kids will be home in a few minutes, which is a good way to begin anything.


2 Responses to “Another Weekend Wrap-Up.”

  1. Linda Says:

    You ladies get more beautiful each day! Love that your friendship has lasted and grown through the years….all of you are very special.

  2. […] I’ve written before (here and here and here), these women are the kind of women you lean on in a crisis.  They’re circle-the-wagons […]

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