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Is this thing on?? July 21, 2013

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Hi.  It’s been almost a year of total radio silence.  Sorry about that.  As many of you know and most of the rest of you probably suspect, my absence has resulted from life becoming stable again.  That’s a good thing for me, for my kids, for trucking on down the road.  Not such a good thing for my writing.

But I *might* post again soon.  Might.  Maybe.  Possibly.

Something struck me today and I may need to write about it.  So, so, so, so much has happened since I last posted.  I’ve missed birthdays and anniversaries and milestones and achievements and kid funnies and love and grief and all the good and bad stuff in between.  There were times I wanted to write.  I didn’t.  There were times I meant to write.  I didn’t.  Times people asked me to write.  Didn’t.  Missing all those things—NOT writing about those things–made it harder for me to write about … anything.  Kinda like when you get out of the habit of going to the movies for awhile?  And then it becomes, “If this isn’t going to be THE VERY BEST cinematic two hours of my life, then I am absolutely not going to bother.”  That’s what my writing has become this past year.  I’ve been too stable and too content and too “normal” to be a very good writer these days.  There’s been no need and no desperation and therefore, no posts.

For those of you prone to concern, I’m still stable and content and feeling pretty normal (whatever that means).  DOn’t worry.  I just saw something today that I may want to write about anyway.

I’m not linking this anywhere, which probably means that only the 3 or so folks who still have subscriptions to this blog will even be aware of a new post going up.  And that’s fine.  I just wanted to tell you 3 that I might write something soon.  Maybe.


20 Responses to “Is this thing on??”

  1. carrie Says:

    well, you have to now. can’t leave us hangin’!

  2. Shannon Says:

    We read you loud and clear! Glad to hear life is good. But, we are always happy when you share your genius!!!

  3. Amy Greene Says:

    BRING IT! I have missed you but am so glad you are doing so well!

  4. Dorian Says:

    Write it – we’ll tell you if it stinks ;)

  5. Nancy Crawford Says:

    Well, we dont even know one another but I’ve missed your writing and therefore you! A high school friend of yours shared one of your early posts and I was hooked! I’m happy to read that life is ‘stable’ and that you might be back to writing again. You’ve touched many of us with your honesty and your perspective. Would love to hear more from you……

    • wonderful surprises Says:

      Wasn’t it me? ;) Or is this a different Nancy Crawford than the one who used to live in Raleigh? Haha

      • Nancy Crawford Says:

        It’s me! I started to email you a few months ago to ask how ‘Now is Good’ was doing. It’s funny how certain people/stories stick with you and I’ve thought of her at random times throughout the past year.
        Hope you are doing well!!!!!

  6. wonderful surprises Says:

    Woo hoo!!!! Best news I’ve heard all day!! I’ve missed you on here. Come back when you’re ready, as long as that’s in less than a week. :)

  7. Well, hello! I’m so happy to see that you might be blogging again. I just started again myself after about a three year hiatus, but on a new site (I used to be survivormom – remember me?). Now I am remarried and it is time to write on a new topic – our blended family. Can’t wait to read about the wonderful stability of your new life. :)

  8. Patrice Says:

    Please write! You are one of my favorite writers ever! Happy/sad/good/bad, I love the reality tales of Meredith.

  9. dadsquared Says:

    I can wholly vouch for her fantasticity.

  10. wonderful surprises Says:

    Looks like you have been greatly missed. And that you have more than 3 subscribers. Time to start writing, girl! ;)

  11. Woohoo – I was so excited to see you in my feed. Glad to hear things are mostly stable and happy for you though.

  12. babs Says:

    You are a shameless tease!

  13. Lady E Says:

    Glad to hear from you Meredith ! :)

  14. jodi Says:

    I was so happy to see you in my reader again! Yes please start writing again!!!

  15. Lori Says:

    How very exciting!! I pop back in here now and then to see if you have written – our timelines are very similar, so I keep hoping you will start writing about the far less dramatic events that now are in focus. Dating and co-habitating, for one (I am dating, am not cohabitating…)… the spots where divorce pops up in life, especially with the kiddos (they sideswipe me with comments and observations now and then), balancing the life extremes, oh you know, just everything. Can’t wait to read again!

  16. Linda Says:

    I faithfully checked this once a month or so and then missed while we were traveling. So welcome back…your writing has been missed! (Your oldest and most admiring reader!)

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