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About Me January 2, 2010

I’m a newly single mom of 3.  I’m also a daughter, sister, friend, loner by nature and lawyer by trade. I swear like a sailor.  I laugh really loudly.  I have no tolerance for hypocrisy.  Sarcasm, strength, good grammar, intelligence, biting humor and a fair amount of red wine are requirements, not preferences.  Life has been throwing curve balls and I’ve been fielding them as well as I can.  This is me figuring it all out.


23 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Kay Says:

    Love your blog. BTDT on so many of your experiences and thoughts.

  2. soul sister Says:

    Hola chica,

    Gracias for speaking your truth which emboldens all of us to do the same. DIVORCE, is not what any of us imagine when we are pretty successfully juggling lots of balls, making it look pretty effortless and yet the support of our “partner” is, well not quite there? Don’t know your specifics, but wonder from your ability to self reflect, be brutally honesty, keen intellect etc. portends a partnership that wasn’t quite equal? And, what in the world is a woman to do who seeks an equal partner, or at least a chico who truly aspires to be?!?

  3. Amy Says:

    oh Mere, this is fabulous! You are fabulous. Love the buddhism, have been sharing you with my loved ones…

  4. Jenny Says:

    I think I’d really like you if we met. I loved your blog on Buddhism. I’ve been saying the mantra “this too, shall pass” for the past several weeks – kept me sane through several parent/child conflicts. Keep up the great writing!

  5. @Soul Sister…hoo, boy, is that ever a loaded topic of conversation. I don’t have a quick answer for that one, other than to say that someones, even wanting to be an equal partner isn’t enough.

    @Amy…Thanks, girl. Loved our chat last night.

    @Jenny… What an especially nice thing to say! That made my day. I love that mantra, also. Even wrote a post about it once: Thanks for reading!

  6. jennifer anderson-denias Says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! So neat to reconnect after the years. You are blissful! love you Mere!

    proud of you,


  7. Hi! I found your blog via a referral site on Google Analytics. Love it. I blog about divorced parenting, own a business (temp agency) and have 3 little girls!

    I will keep reading. :)

  8. Varda Says:

    Hi, Meredith,
    I found you by jumping around from blog to blog, in a crazy leapfrog fashion so that I have no idea how I landed here or who our connectors are. Isn’t that an amazing thing about this bloggosphere? That said, I am so glad I’ve found you. You have a lovely voice and are speaking so honestly about your life, it is a joy to read you. Now I need to go back and do some writing on MY blog. (I have been doing so much reading this month, it has eclipsed my writing, oops!) I also started writing spurred on by a transitional phase in my life, but for me it was the impending death of my elderly father, combined with the care of young children. Hence the title of my blog – The Squashed Bologna: a slice of life in the sandwich generation. If you’d like to come visit me I’m here:

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs. thanks, Varda

  9. Robin Says:

    Hey Meredith,

    Just a heads up that I have fallen off your distribution list twice now and when I subscribe again I receive the email and complete the email link successfully. The only way I know about new posts is through my rss feeds for comments on your posts. Your posts are always synchronistic for me and I don’t want to miss a single one!

    Take care,


    • Thanks so much, Robin, and I’m so sorry you’ve had technical difficulties with my site. I have no idea what’s going on with that, but I’ll contact WordPress and let them know of the glitch. Hopefully they can clear it up!

  10. ATX Mom Says:

    A friend just told me about your blog. I started at the beginning and worked my way to current, without interruption last night. I cried almost the whole way through. I am exactly a year behind you in this process, with the only differences being I live in Austin, not Dallas, have 2 kids, not 3, I wasn’t pregnant when my husband betrayed our family with the lying and cheating, and I am the one who filed and kicked him out (the one thing in this nightmare of which I am most proud). We are not yet finalized, but it has been a long, ugly, expensive, painful road, and I am ready to be off this rollercoaster. Each and every thing you write mirrors my thoughts and feelings. You have given me hope that it will be okay for me and my babies – and you have no idea how much that helps me. I still wake up every day hoping this was all a bad dream, and remain in disbelief that this is really my life. I no longer know the man I shared my life with for 20 years. I barely know who I am anymore. I used to be a strong, confident, happy person, and reading the strength in your words and how far you have come already makes me feel a boost of strength, and encouragement that I will be happy again someday. Thank you so very much for creating this blog, it is just what I needed…

    • No name Says:

      Hello there Meredith,
      I’ll mirror what ATX mom said above and say how good it feels to see that someone else has been on the same ugly journey and arrived somewhere good. Thanks for your writing,
      Poor cow

      • I completely agree. Finding others who have been just as shellshocked as I have been is hugely comforting. Somehow it makes this whole seemingly impossible situation seem more like just another challenge that people successfully scale every day. And if they can do it, so can I. And so can you.

  11. No name Says:

    Don’t know where else to leave you a reply, so here: Thanks for your compliments about my blog. They do mean a lot coming from someone who’s clear and insightful writing style I really admire.
    And I still cannot get over how pretty much everything you write feels exactly like what I had in mind. It’s weird, but as you said ever so nice… xx

  12. Ali Ginnett Says:

    thanks for sharing your life!

  13. jodi Says:

    Found your blog from Ask Moxie. So timely and I am enjoying reading it from the beginning. I have 3 boys, ages almost 6 year old, 3 and 2. Afraid after 18 months of trying to “fix it” this 16 year marriage is coming to an end. So I am very happy to have found you and to know that I will survive this!

    • Hi, Jodi–So glad you stopped by. Very sorry to hear that your marriage may be coming to an end. I hope that whatever happens, you find the strength to get you through it. Feel free to come here to commiserate or celebrate … anytime!

  14. Beth Huss Says:

    (I am new to this and just typed a lovely message to you in the “website” space.) This is beyond amazing- you are a wonderfully gifted writer and I am in awe of all of your posts-and I still have more to go. I just adore you and your beautiful children- having you as a good friend is such a blessing to me. After reading I just love ya that much more! Thank you for sharing

  15. I thought I’d written here earlier but perhaps I just dreamed it? In any event, thank you for your blog. I’m much earlier in the process and it reassures me to see that you, and your children are doing well for the most part.

  16. Sarah Says:

    I found your blog through a post you left on Ask Moxie (who I love) when I was googling her tips on divorce. I just discovered last night that my husband is having an affair and apparently the last 13 years we were married were all a big joke. Anyway, thank you so much for your blog. I feel like I’m reading me a year or two into the future. I don’t want a divorce, but he definitely does. I’m so glad to see the hope (and fears) you’re sharing.

    • I’m so, so sorry, Sarah. Every time I read a story like yours, I experience the same kicked-in-the-gut feeling I had when I learned of my own husband’s infidelities and desire for a divorce. It’s not an easy road you’re facing, but I promise it does get better. Write anytime. Hugs …

  17. Andrea Says:

    Hey Meredith, my friend Amy told me about your blog. My husband of almost 10 years left me recently. Getting ready to start reading….looking forward to it.

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